A Tamil MP has claimed in parliament that a mass grave of youths killed by the military exists in Mandativu Island off Jaffna.

ITAK’s Sivagnanam Sridaran said excavations across the country could yield buried remains of Tamil fighters, in the same manner body parts of mainly female fighters were found most recently from Kokkutuduvai in Mullaitivu.

According to the MP, more than 80 youths captured from Mankunban, Allaipiddi and Velanai in September 1990 were thrown into a well in front of St. Thomas Church at Mandativu.

An excavation even today could find their remains, he said.

Sridaran accused the military of forcibly occupying the northeastern areas to prevent the finding of more mass gravesites.

Around 2,500 Hindu and Catholic families live in Mandativu after it had been under Army and Navy control for many years.


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