As the exhumation into the suspected mass grave in the war affected Mullaitivu district is likely to take place on Thursday (6) as ordered by the local magistrate, fears and concerns among the Tamils continue to increase says Selvarajah Kajendran secretary of the Tamil National Peoples’ Front and Jaffna district MP has said.

“This incident has not only given rise to a sense of fear among the people of this area but among the entire Tamil people. They fear that this would also be a mass grave or a place where enforced disappeared persons are buried,” he said, after visiting Kokkuthoduvai central area which has been cordoned off as ordered by T. Saravanaraja, the local magistrate.

Recalling the situation, he said the area has been under military occupation for several decades

“This area was under military control until 2009. From 1984 onwards leaflets were dropped by the military from planes informing people from Kokkilai, Kokkuthoduvai, and Karunattukerni that they should leave the place. Since people were evicted from here it came under military occupation”.

Kajendran further said local people recalling a big military camp close to the grave site.

Now, under such circumstances, body parts have been found. People fear the bodies could belong to those Tamils who were victims of enforced disappearance or LTTE militants who were captured alive and killed and buried, he further said.

The Tamil lawmaker urges a comprehensive exhumation under international monitoring.

“There is a danger that the exhumation operations could be covered up by the Sri Lankan government. The international community should show their concern regarding this. I feel the only way to bring out the truth is to carry out this exhumation under international supervision”.

A former member of the Northern Provincial Council Thurairasa Raviharan who visited the spot on the day the body parts were found, while pipe lines were being laid in the area, said that he suspected the body parts could be that of former LTTE cadres.

Four Human Rights organizations released a report a few days ago about the complicity of the Sri Lankan government and its security forces in hampering the investigations after at least 20 mass graves were identified from many more island wide.

Their report has also offered recommendations on future exhumations and the protocols to be followed which includes preservation, monitoring, DNA analysis and proper documentation under international observation.


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