Human skeletal remains and pieces of clothing were found from a suspected mass grave in Mullaitivu on the first day of excavations yesterday (06).

Most are believed to belong to women, said former provincial councilor Thurairasa Raviharan.

Tamil people, including their politicians, expressed dissatisfaction over the manner of excavation.

TNA MP M.A. Sumanthiran who observed the excavation at Kokkutuduvai said the findings that need to be kept as forensic evidence are in danger of going missing.




He claimed to have found one vital piece of evidence, but did not elaborate.

Water supply workers laying pipelines stumbled upon the site 200 metres away from Kokkutuduvai central college on June 29.

Mullaitivu magistrate who inspected the place ordered the commencement of the excavations.

District court judge T. Pradeepan, a JMO, officials from the army, police, archaeology department and the UN, human rights lawyers and relatives of missing persons were present as backhoes and digging equipment were used to unearth the suspected mass grave.

MP Sumanthiran said it appeared to date back to the period of the war and that the remains likely belong to mostly female LTTE members.

He said more than five bodies could have been buried there.

The MP stressed the importance of carrying out the excavations under the supervision of international experts.

After the work for the day ended, police protection was given to the site.

Police have been ordered to submit a report about the findings to the magistrate’s court on July 13.


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