A book, written to respond to the question ‘what are the issues faced by the Sri Lankan Tamils just because they are Tamil’, has been launched in Jaffna.

Titled “Structural Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing of Tamils in Sri Lanka,” the volume is authored by former Valvetithurai (VVT) citizens’ committee president and charted accountant Selvendra Sabaratnam. Attending the book launch, former Supreme Court Judge, Thamizh Makkal Kootani Secretary and MP C.V. Wigneswaran invited those who raise that question to read the new publication and understand the issues faced by the Tamil people.

“On many occasions, Sinhala leaders ask us what tragic circumstances have the Tamil people experienced that other Sri Lankans have not. Although we have already explained a few matters, in the future, we are going to introduce them to this book, and say that read it and they would be able to understand.”

The book was launched on 20 April at the Thamizh Makkal Kootani office in Nallur under the patronage of MP Wigneswaran.

Quoting MP Wigneswaran, regional correspondents said that the book, which was originally published in English, will soon be translated into Sinhala and Tamil as well.

Addressing attendees at the book launch, author Sabaratnam said that the book is an attempt to uphold the rights of the Tamil people.

“All the western countries that talk about democracy extend their help to Sri Lanka believing there is democracy in the country. But, there is no democracy. This is an ethnocracy. It means giving power to a certain ethnicity, and enslaving us. There is a responsibility to respect us and our rights. However, they do not do that. They are trying to destroy us. If we continue to do nothing, we will be destroyed. This endeavour is to prevent that from happening.”

University of Jaffna’s Political Science Department Prof. K.R. Ganeshalingam emphasized that the history where the Eelam Tamil people were subjected to genocide has been described in the 10 chapters of the book.

“These 10 chapters discuss Sri Lanka’s political history. All the murders committed against and the tragic incidents that befell the Eelam Tamil people have been described on those pages of history.”

Regional correspondents said that the author of the book, Sabaratnam, presented the book’s first copy to MP Wigneswaran.



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