Public security minister Tiran Alles said that drug kingpin Nadun Chinthaka alias ‘Harak Kata’ had tried to bribe him for his safe passage to Dubai after he got arrested.

According to Alles, he was offered Rs. 700 million to do so.

The minister said he immediately informed the president about it.

He made the claim during an awareness programme for top police officials in the southern province.

Addressing the gathering, the public security minister further said;


“Only roadblock’s hut is remaining”


Minister of public security Tiran Alles said he gave instructions to arrange a meeting to discuss issues particularly in the southern provinces and in other provinces in general.

“First and foremost, I must emphasize that since I assumed this ministry, I have made every effort to support our police officers. However, I have consistently stressed that in return for my efforts, I expect all of you to carry out your duties effectively. Regrettably, the results have not met my expectations.

For example, in the Southern Province, we issued clear instructions regarding the placement of roadblocks. To verify whether these measures were being implemented as instructed, we had two individuals, wearing full-face helmets and jackets, ride a motorcycle through the roadblock at Galduwa Junction multiple times. Unfortunately, none of the police officers deployed at the roadblock noticed this particular motorcycle passing through in a suspicious manner multiple times.

This situation clearly shows that the duties at the roadblocks are not being carried out effectively. The officers-in-charge, deputy inspectors general and all responsible authorities must bear accountability for this failure. It is imperative that top officials closely monitor these operations. When they neglect their oversight responsibilities, it can lead to a lax attitude among lower-ranked officers. Despite our efforts to establish numerous roadblocks, the current situation reflects a significant gap in implementation.


OICs, DIGs will be held responsible



I had discussions with the Inspector General of Police, who also informed me that he had issued explicit instructions regarding the routes to be followed after a shooting incident. Unfortunately, these instructions have not been adhered to. Both the OICs and the DIGs must be held responsible for this failure. It is essential to address these issues promptly and ensure that our security measures are being executed effectively.

Moving forward, it is imperative that the officers-in-charge take full responsibility for such failures. While the Special Task Force is assigned specific tasks, we should not solely rely on the STF to handle all aspects of law enforcement. In the event of a shooting incident within any police division, the OIC should assume responsibility. We expect to be promptly informed about the circumstances surrounding the shooting, including how it transpired, whether a roadblock was in place in the vicinity and why the assailants could not be intercepted at the roadblock. Officers must be prepared to provide satisfactory answers to these inquiries.

This approach extends against other criminal activities such as narcotics and underworld operations too. In cases where OICs are unable to provide adequate explanations for such incidents, they will be subject to transfers. It is essential that we establish a system of accountability to enhance the effectiveness of our law enforcement efforts.

I am sharing this information now so that you can plan your work accordingly. I will gather intelligence reports to assess your performance and based on that, I will make decisions regarding your positions. If there are ineffective officers in your police stations, kindly inform the higher authorities and after due process, remove them. Submit a report to the division and ensure the DIG is informed.


Isn’t there a sense of shame?


The current situation is regrettable. It’s unacceptable that underworld figures can contact and threaten police officers. Isn’t there a sense of shame? These underworld figures are our adversaries and it is our duty to eradicate them from our society for the sake of our children.


If they attack you, respond firmly


Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to do everything within your means to eliminate these underworld figures from the Southern Province. If you do so, I will always support your efforts. Arrest them, and if they attack you, respond firmly. You have my full backing.

I have to say that I did not have a chance to rest for two days when we were bringing ‘Harak Kata’ and ‘Salindu’ back to our country. As soon as I became aware of the situation, I engaged in frequent telephone conversations with the Minister of Public Security of Madagascar, at all hours of the day. During the transition from there to ‘Harak Kata’s and ‘Salindu’s arrival on the plane, I maintained constant communication with our CID officers.

When the duo was moved to Kenya, there was an issue with the coordination and a communication gap led to a missed handing over of the criminals. Subsequently, I had to liaise with Indian authorities to ensure a smooth transit. Afterward, the situation was rectified, and the operation proceeded. There were some challenges even during the journey. Despite these challenges, by working collaboratively, we can successfully address such issues.

It is worth noting that significant financial resources are involved in these operations. Both I and the higher-ranking officials are aware of this fact.


I would like to share that, during ‘Harak Kata’s return to Sri Lanka, there was an attempt to offer me Rs. 700 million to divert the operation to Dubai instead of Sri Lanka. The president is also aware of this matter. Nevertheless, we must remain resolute and not succumb to such offers. It is noteworthy that the individual who made this offer was killed in the Southern Province.


Furthermore, there are ongoing attempts by certain individuals to offer large sums of money to higher-ranking officials in exchange for my removal from this ministry. ‘Harak Kata’s wife has conveyed the message that his detention order can be cancelled if not for Minister Tiran Alles.

I am aware that some OICs, whom I won’t name, are engaging in phone conversations with individuals associated with the underworld. I strongly urge them to sever such connections immediately. Following this statement, there will be no leniency shown towards officers involved in such corrupt activities.

Think that this is being done for our children and country. Think about your child and we will remove these drugs and the underworld for his future. Take action without fear of taking the best action there is,” he said.

Public Security Ministry secretary Viyani Gunathilaka, senior DIG of Western Province Deshbandu Tennakoon, Southern Province senior DIG Sanjeeva Medawatte, Special Task Force Commandant, senior DIG Waruna Jayasundara and officers of the Southern Province participated.

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