Buddhist clergy has called for the enactment of a ‘Sanghadhikarana bill’ to discipline misbehaving monks.

They also urged action against groups making use of any instances of undisciplined conduct by monks to vilify Buddhism.

Registrar of Mulawansika Nikaya of Amarapura Chapter, Ven. Akurala Manjulatissa Thera alleged attempts to exaggerate a handful of instances to harm the clergy and Buddhism in general.

Groups behind such attempts are getting considerable funding, he said.

Any errant monk should be expelled following a disciplinary inquiry by chief monks of the respective chapter, he said.

Or else, the police and the judiciary can take up the matter and punish the offender appropriately, the Thera added.

Meanwhile, Surakimu Sri Lanka organization claims the existence of an organized attempt to harm the image of Buddhist monks.

Its chief Ven. Pahiyangala Anandasagara Thera told the media yesterday (10) that a clean image from the monks only cannot be expected from the present day society.

He called for government intervention to identify those behind the conspiracy against Buddhism.


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