Tragedy struck in Trebbia, Italy, as two Sri Lankan nationals, a father, and son, lost their lives in a drowning incident.

The unfortunate event occurred on Saturday, July 8, under the Donceto Bridge near Rondanera beach.

The incident unfolded in the presence of numerous bathers who were enjoying the riverbanks.

The victims, identified as Lesly Kilaster Tisera Warnakulasuriya (59) and Dulaj Nilanjan Tisera Warnakulasuriya (28), were residents of Piacenza.

The swift response of emergency services, including firefighters and divers, could not prevent the tragic outcome.


Tragedy strikes on a crowded afternoon


The serene afternoon turned into a scene of despair when the two swimmers were reported missing around 4:30 pm.

The Donceto bridge area, where the drowning occurred, was bustling with bathers enjoying the Trebbia River.

Reports from Italian media indicate that the incident unfolded near a road viaduct, where a deep hole and strong currents make it a potentially dangerous spot for swimming.


Response efforts and recovery


Following the alarm, the local fire department in Bobbio and a team of divers from Bologna rushed to the scene.

The “Drago” firefighters’ helicopter also joined the rescue operation.

Sadly, despite their swift efforts, the divers discovered the lifeless bodies of the father and son submerged in the waters of the Trebbia.

The Carabinieri of Rivergaro and the 118 health workers from Bobbio were also present to provide assistance during the tragic incident.


The hazards of the waterfall area


The drowning occurred near a waterfall at the road viaduct, which presents specific risks due to its natural features.

At this point, a hole with a depth of at least three meters forms, creating whirlpools and strong currents.

These conditions can pose significant dangers to swimmers, emphasizing the importance of exercising caution while enjoying water activities.


Father’s attempt to save son


Based on initial accounts, it is believed that the son encountered difficulties while swimming, prompting the father to intervene in an attempt to rescue him.

Tragically, their efforts proved unsuccessful, and by the time help arrived, the two had already drowned.

The incident serves as a sobering reminder of the inherent risks associated with water activities and the importance of adhering to safety guidelines.



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