Sri Lanka meet Yemen at home today (17) in their second leg encounter in the preliminary round one of FIFA World Cup 2026 and AFC Asia Cup 2027.

The match kicks off at 3.00 pm at the Race Course grounds in Colombo.

Sri Lanka were beaten 3-0 in the first leg in Saudi Arabia on 12 October.

They now face the challenge of defeating Yemen by 4-0 if they are to qualify for the second round.

Charitha Ratnayake will captain Sri Lanka in the absence of Harsha Fernando due to illness.


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Head coach Any Morrison and captain of the mens' national team Charitha Ratnayake at the press briefing in Colombo.


Addressing the media, Ratnayake and coach Andy Morrison spoke about their expectations at the game.

Yemen captain Haroon Al Subaidee and coach Hiroslave Soukup too, attended.

In world rankings, Sri Lanka are placed 202nd and Yemen 156th.


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