President Ranil Wickremesinghe has alleged a big racket behind speculations that parliament will be dissolved.

He said that some individuals claim that talks with the IMF are unsuccessful, while others are predicting about the dissolution of parliament.

When they make this type of statements the stock market faces a downturn on the following day.

Then they purchase the shares, he said.

Despite government reassurances that no such decisions have been made, they persist in echoing these claims on their platforms.

This is not a political issue, he added at the opening of a court complex in Theldeniya yesterday (15).

Meanwhile, the SLPP says the president has not yet given a final word to its call to hold a general election first.

In his sixth round of talks with the president, SLPP founder Basil Rajapaksa on 14 May raised the matter.

The SLPP is due to commence its election propaganda campaign on 26 May.

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