UNP leader for the Colombo district Ravi Karunanayake has called upon all to set aside their petty political ideologies and unite in order to overcome the economic crisis.

He was speaking to the media following a meeting at the party office at Thotalanga where the district’s three-wheeler drivers formed an association for their common well-being.

It is the first association of three-wheeler drivers under the UNP, which is due to be expanded country-wide later.

Karunanayake, also a former finance minister, said further that all should rally as one to overcome challenges, with leadership given by Ranil Wickremesinghe, who is the only option remaining for the people and the country.

President Wickremesinghe has now been able to raise state revenue on priority basis and is affecting essential reforms to revive the economy, he said.

Karunanayake alleged that power-hungry opportunists who speak about a system change are making traitorous attempts by hurling petty political slogans in fear of his positive sociopolitical and economic programme.

He questioned them as to how a system change is possible without such reforms.

"Unity among all is the key since the president cannot fulfil this massive challenge, responsibility and task on his own. Whenever the UNP was in government, attempts were made amid disruptions and accusations to update the economic policy to suit global trends. Despite the accusations adversely affecting the party’s political activities, the policies were not changed as they were for the country and the people," Karunanayake added.

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