National carrier SriLankan Airlines announced over the weekends that it is modifying its flight paths for the European destinations, as a precautionary measure amidst the current tensions between Israel and Iran.

“These changes mean that flight times to Europe are extended, requiring additional fuel and reducing the available payload. Further, to meet slot times in London, these flights are being advanced by one hour.

“As a result, unfortunately, some passengers on the London flights have missed connections or been offloaded,” the airline said in a statement.

SriLankan will maintain this routing and the earlier departure time to London for the next few days whilst it monitors the situation.

Departure times from London and to and from other European cities remain unchanged.

“The safety of our passengers and crew remains our top priority,” the airline asserted.

SriLankan Airlines said it is in direct communication with affected passengers, providing assistance with alternative flight arrangements and hotel accommodation.

At the same time, passengers to London are advised to arrive at the airport in good time.



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