Ranjan Jayalal, General Secretary of the Ceylon Electrical Workers Union, has issued a stern warning to government ministers,

declaring that the public will mobilize to hold them accountable in the upcoming presidential election if they proceed with passing the new Electricity Act.

In a direct challenge to the minister, Jayalal demands transparency regarding the benefits of the bill for the 7 million electricity consumers.

Jayalal challenges the government to reveal the advantages of the act, particularly in terms of potential reductions in electricity bills and the extent to which it can meet the growing demand for electricity.

He insists that the minister should promptly disclose these benefits to the public without sidestepping the concerns raised by the 24,000 electricity workers.

Highlighting the financial constraints of the government and the inability to provide relief to the people, Jayalal asserts that the only viable solution is to remove the current administration from power.

He asserts that the government’s fiscal deficit renders any promises of relief futile.

Furthermore, Jayalal discloses plans for a large-scale protest in Colombo by mid-May, uniting trade unions from the state, semi-state, and private sectors.

This demonstration is set to voice collective opposition to the government’s policies, including the proposed Electricity Act.



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