Sources in the Ministry of Finance have confirmed that the Cabinet has rejected a proposal to allocate an allowance of Rs. 500,000 to Dhammika Dassanayake,

the former secretary general of parliament, who was appointed as secretary of the Constitutional Council.

The proposal, which sought to provide the substantial allowance to Dassanayake, was met with resistance within the cabinet.

Cabinet members reportedly expressed concerns about the sizable amount and the current fiscal climate, leading to the rejection of the proposal.

As a result, the cabinet has instructed the authorities to reevaluate the allowance amount and present a revised proposal.

Traditionally, the incumbent secretary general of parliament is appointed to the position of secretary of the constitutional council.

However, in this instance, the government opted to make a departure from the standard practice by appointing the former secretary general to the position.

This decision has prompted discussions among MPs from both the ruling party and the opposition.

They have pointed out that if the incumbent was to follow the established procedure and assume the position, it would obviate the need for significant additional allowances and privileges, potentially saving government funds.


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