Attempts are being made to evacuate the families of three Sri Lankan women married to Palestinians as the Israeli attacks on Gaza continue for the 14th day.

Permanent representative based at Ramalla, Nawalage Bennett Cooray has told BBC Sinhala Service that details of 17 family members have been sent to the Sri Lankan embassy in Egypt.

The aim is to get them across to Egypt soon after the border at Raffa is opened, he said.


Details forwarded


One of the Sri Lankan women in Gaza, Fatima Rikasa said she had sent the details of her three children to the Ramalla mission.


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Fatima Rikasa said a building close to hers, where her husband had a shop and his elder brother had his house, was bombed and destroyed by Israel.


Meanwhile, Sri Lankan ambassador Nimal Bandara said he has given details to the Interpol division of Israel police with regard to a Sri Lankan, Yatawara Bandara, who is missing since the Hamas attack on that country.

The ambassador added that instructions have been obtained from the foreign ministry to write a joint letter by all embassies to Hamas to seek freedom for civilians it was holding as hostages.

(With inputs from BBC Sinhala)


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