A fresh protest is taking place in Mullaitivu to call for an international investigation into the suspected mass grave at Kokkutuduvai.

Excavations were suspended there after 17 skeletal remains, some believed to be those of LTTE members, were dug up from the grave during nine days of work.

Protestors also called for an international mechanism with regard to war crimes and victims of enforced disappearances.

Also participating was TELO MP Vino Noharadalingam, who said the skeletal remains belonged to those who surrendered to the military towards the end of the war.

He said excavations should resume with international experts present.


Forensic archaeologist Prof. Raj Somadeva said excavations were halted to analyze the evidence gathered so far.

Excavations there began after water supply workers laying underground pipelines stumbled upon the human remains 200 metres away from Kokkutuduvai central college on 29 June.

Work resumed on 06 September following a court order.

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