Human remains and pieces of clothing believed to belong to two female LTTE members were unearthed at a suspected mass grave in Mullaitivu.


Resumed excavations continued for the third day at Kokkutuduvai gravesite on 08 September.

Transparency of the investigation has come into question with the police disrupting two mediamen from taking photographs of Jaffna university students, who were observing the work underway.

Also, members of the military in camouflage uniform were seen touching the excavated material without wearing gloves.

At the end of the day, lawyer V.S. Niranjan said human skeletal remains, female underwear, two pairs of trousers and two long-sleeved shirts bearing identification tags 3204 and 3174 as well as a piece of ammunition were found.

Correspondents said lawyers informed Mullaitivu magistrate T. Pratheepan about police disruptions, and that he ordered the police to allow the media to report on the excavations as has been permitted.

He also said no outsiders should be allowed entry, after police and STF members in civics photographed the gravesite.

Excavations there began after water supply workers laying underground pipelines stumbled upon the human remains 200 metres away from Kokkutuduvai central college on 29 June.

Work resumed on 06 September following a court order.

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