The Archeology Department has imposed conditions only for Hindus to hold religious activities at Kurunthurmalai also claimed by Buddhists.

Area’s assistant director of archaeology R.G. Jayatilake has written to organizers of a Pongal ceremony for 18 August, citing seven conditions.

However, no such conditions have been laid down for Buddhist observances, correspondents say.

These conditions have reportedly been imposed on a court order obtained by the police.


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A related complaint cites former councilor Thurairasa Raviharan, political activist Peter Ilancheliyan, Arun Siddarthan and Galgamuwe Shanthabodhi Thera.

The archaeology official has also instructed organizers not to disrupt observances by others.

Shanthabodhi Thera has announced three-days of Buddhist activities at Kurunthurmalai and alleged that ‘extremists’ were planning to turn a Buddhist shrine house there into a Kovil.




A poster campaign is calling upon Buddhists to rise up to save the religious site.




The Archaeology Department has informed the Mullaitivu courts that Hindu observances are not prohibited at Kurunthur Malai.


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