Leader of the Janaraja Party Patali Champika Ranawaka says the country’s economic malady can now be treated by specialist doctors only.

It is not a work for unqualified persons, he told Ada Derana TV in general, in response to questions raised on the light railway project proposed when he was minister of metropolis and western development.

Strongly criticizing the Rajapaksa regime’s squandering of public money on expressways and flyovers etc., he said the best solution to the country’s transport problems was the modernization of public transportation.

After making a thorough review of an initial plan in 2008, a further study was made in 2016 to find the best transportation solution for urban areas.

The light railway project was one of the many solutions considered and planned, he said. Ranawaka explained in details the plans in the short and the long terms that would have been funded by loans at very low interest rates.

Unfortunately, he said, a group of stupid and inhuman politicians, officials and so-called scholar ruined everything.



An expert opinion


Professional strategy trainer and management consultant Dinesh Vihangun Fernando (strategist.lk) said the light railway project was proposed by Japanese and other experts as per the global standards.

In a video posted on social media, he gave statistics and examples from across the world.


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