Tamil politicians have accused government MP Sarath Weerasekara of demeaning a magistrate over his ethnicity and thereby intimidating the judiciary.

He has attempted to incite racism among the Sinhalese by a claim that a Tamil magistrate was involved in a case into the controversial Kurundi Vihara in Mullaitivu, they said.

The district’s lawyers unanimously adopted a proposal to condemn Weerasekara over his remarks and were to hold a protest in front of Mullaitivu courts today (11).

At the heart of the issue is Mullaitivu magistrate T. Saravanaraja’s having prevented the MP from speaking during a court inquiry at the controversial archaeological site on July 04.

The magistrate said politicians or religious leaders cannot be allowed to express their opinions at a judicial proceeding.

ITAK MP M.A. Sumanthiran said it was inappropriate for Weerasekara to criticize the magistrate by hiding behind his parliamentary privileges.

TPNA leader C.V. Vigneswaran said he disapproved of the Sinhala racist MP’s attempt to provoke the Sinhalese.

TNPF leader Selvarasa Gajendran said Weerasekara was trying to imply that orders given by courts in the north and the east should not be respected.


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