A person claiming to be the closest political ally of 43 Brigade leader Patali Champika Ranawaka for 31 years says he is leaving active politics.

Anuruddha Pradeep Karnasuriya, in a post on his facebook page, cites several reasons for his decision.

He says he sent a letter on April 19 to the 43 Brigade, resigning from the positions of its secretary, head of media committee and member of the policy and executive committees.

Karnasuriya adds that he also sent a 69-page letter to Ranawaka, citing the reasons which should be known to him and a few others only.




Ten days after tendering his resignation, Karnasuriya says he met the 43 Brigade leader at his home, lunched with him, chatted for more than two hours, presented him with a book and said his good bye to him.

He describes Ranawaka as a rare politician with the personality of leadership.

Reacting to Karnasuriya’s decision to leave politics, Samabima Party leader Deepthi Kumara Gunaratne told carbonnews.lk that he sees it in a positive light and that it would spell very well for Ranawaka’s political future.


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