A SLPP affiliated website has published a document today morning (01) relating to the official relinquishment of Gotabhaya Rajapaksa's US citizenship. According to that report, Rajapaksa’s citizenship has been revoked by the US government on April 17, 2019 and cancelled on May 03, 2019. 

Below is the document published on the website. 


Document which set social media on fire! 

However, several social media pages aligned to the SLPP had published a similar document several days ago claiming that Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s citizenship had been relinquished. The document had included Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s name, passport number and designations. Despite looking like an original document, subsequently it was revealed that it was in fact a forgery. 

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Those behind this forged document had edited a similar document found freely on Wikipedia. However, it had been a botched job leading to the truth to be revealed. 

The Daily Mirror revealed this in a report yesterday (31). The document claimed Rajapaksa had received his citizenship in March 13, 2003. However, in reality, he had received it on January 31, 2003. 

Although Rajapaksa’s passport was issued on October 2012, the document claimed that it was issued on July 2012. The document was signed by a Joel Fulfield who also appears in the Wikipedia sample. 

However, Rajapaksa had told Sinhala daily ‘Divaina’ that he has relinquished his US citizenship. Meanwhile, Sinhala Daily Mawbima had reported today that the real document has been revealed. However, it is said despite the claim this is not a document which proves he had successfully relinquished his US citizenship and instead is a receipt that proves the documents have been handed to the US State Department to begin the process to relinquish his citizenship. 
According to the now released document, the application has been submitted by April 17 and it has been accepted on May 5. This appears to be only a document acknowledging the documents have been submitted and not a formal revocation of his citizenship. Gotabhaya had gone to the US for the purpose and returned to Sri Lanka on April 12.


According to S.501 of the Nationality Act in the USA, a person hoping to relinquish his citizenship must give just reasons for the move. However, the application will not be accepted at that instance and instead if approved by the Secretary of State, a copy of the certificate shall be forwarded to the Department of Justice, for its information, and the diplomatic or consular office in which the report was made shall be directed to forward a copy of the certificate to the person to whom it relates to. An investigation is also conducted prior to this including checks on if any legal cases are against them, applicants. According to sources, this process takes about a years time.

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Pohottuwa politicos, however, are trying to publicize that Gotabhaya will be freely able to contest in the upcoming election and that all documents have been given and approved. However, even if he wins the election and becomes the President, the US can still decide not to revoke his citizenship which would become a conflict of interest. 
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