Rogue Element, a global film production and management company with substantial production capabilities in both Sri Lanka and the UK launched earlier this month.

Berlinale 2023 Crystal Bear for Best Picture winner, Mexican Director Sofía Auza is coming onboard the first film project as writer director Sofia’s latest project “Yellow”, a TV series that is about to be released on a major streaming platform.

Not much has been revealed regarding the new project by the Rogue Element, but the majority of the production will take place in Sri Lanka.

Development is set to begin in early 2024 and will be primarily developed in the UK. It is expected to feature a couple of global stars in leading roles.

According to lead producer Harindu Gunawardena, this story will be set on the island, where it will explore the diverse and fascinating subcultures that exist there.

"The film is not another local project and is intended for international film markets. To achieve this global appeal, the core team working on the film comprises international talent.

However, a crucial and deliberate decision has been made to include a writer who is not from Sri Lanka, bringing an outsider's perspective that can provide fresh insights and a unique angle to the story.

This collaborative approach, involving both international and local talent, is an essential element of the project, and we are eagerly looking forward to this creative partnership."

The trailer for "Adolfo" by Sofía Auzais found below.



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