The general public has been cautioned over the increased spread of infectious diseases across the island due to prevailing inclement weather conditions.

Consultant Paediatrician Dr. Deepal Perera warns that there is a greater risk of diseases such as diarrhoea, dysentery, Typhoid fever and influenza spreading during such periods.

Speaking further in this regard, Dr. Perera emphasized that diarrhoea, dysentery, influenza and Typhoid fever have a greater chance of spreading mainly due to contaminated water and food.

“Most likely this is a viral flu. The symptoms here are fever along with vomiting, indigestion, stomach ache. Secondly, if there is blood stool in addition to diarrhoea, this can be dysentery. In addition, influenza is still spreading these days. Therefore, if a cough, cold, or flu spreads quickly in a family, it can also be influenza,” he warned.

He also states that children who have asthma should receive respective treatments properly and as immediately as possible.

Meanwhile, the Public Health Inspectors’ Union (PHIU) in Sri Lanka stated that there is a high risk of Leptospirosis (rat fever) spreading as well with the flood situation in certain areas.

The President of the union, Upul Rohana urged the people living in the flood-affected area to pay increased attention towards this.

Meanwhile, he points out that it is essential to use disinfectants when cleaning houses affected by the floods and other contaminated water sources.

(Ada Derana)


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