Excise commissioner general M.J. Gunasiri has rejected allegations that they are receiving various gratifications and delaying the levying of outstanding tax dues from major liquor manufacturers.

The Rs. seven billion due from these companies remain outstanding for between 15 and 20 years, he said.

Gunasiri was responding to a remark by SJB MP Dr. Harsha de Silva.

From those dues, Rs. 375.8 million had been collected by 2023, he said.

This year, agreements have been signed with five companies to get the outstanding payments of Rs. 770 million made, he said.

Even with all the excise taxes collected, an income similar to the VAT income of Rs. 1,400 billion cannot be obtained, he said.

By 2023, outstanding tax payments from liquor manufacturers stood at Rs. 1.1 billion.

Steps have been taken to collect that despite a shortage of staff and resources, said Gunasiri.

Court action has been taken to recover Rs. 3.95 billion.

Explaining further, he said of the Rs. 6.9 billion outstanding, Rs. 3 billion is the unpaid taxes, while the balance Rs. 3.9 billion is surcharge and fines.

Failure to pay the surcharge will result in a 36 per cent annual interest.

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