President Ranil Wickremesinghe and Opposition leader Sajith Premadasa yesterday (09) clashed in Parliament after the former blamed the latter for the current crisis.

Wickremesinghe accused Premadasa of being a responsible party to the crisis and suggested that the country’s outcome might have been different if Premadasa had agreed to assume the Prime Minister position in April 2022.

Wickremesinghe made these remarks in response to questions posed by Opposition leader Sajith Premadasa after the Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) sought an explanation on his speech delivered earlier.

In requesting a clarification, Premadasa remarked that despite the President’s assertion that conditions have returned to normal, the reality is that a new normal has emerged, marked by the persistence of various issues.

“The new normal has been created by putting a great burden and pressure on the general public,” Premadasa remarked.

However, the President in response said that in 2022 he willingly took on the challenge of rejuvenating both the nation and its economy.

“At that pivotal juncture, no one else stepped forward to undertake the responsibility of rescuing the country. Instead, various conditions were proposed. I wholeheartedly accepted the duty of guiding the country, even though my party held just one seat in Parliament. I embarked on this endeavour amid daunting circumstances,” he affirmed.

Initially, the President agreed to provide an explanation, but later walked out, suggesting that a debate could be held if necessary.

The tense situation arose, and Premadasa questioned Wickremesinghe’s sudden exit. He accused Wickremesinghe of being afraid to confront the Opposition.

“Why are you leaving? Are you afraid? Are you afraid? Can you not answer?” Premadasa asked.

When accused of attempting to make a speech instead of seeking clarification, Premadasa questioned if he had no freedom of speech.

He asserted that he had every right to respond to the President’s statement.




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