The Japanese Ambassador to Sri Lanka Mizukoshi Hideaki expressed Japan’s support for the current program aimed at rebuilding the Sri Lankan economy.

Drawing parallels between Japan’s historical journey and Sri Lanka’s current economic challenges, the Ambassador highlighted Japan’s resilience and economic resurgence as a model for Sri Lanka.

He made these remarks at a panel discussion on “Economic Development and Modernization with Lessons from Japan,” chaired by President Ranil Wickremesinghe at the Granbell Hotel in Colombo on Thursday (21), organized by the “Geopolitical Cartographer”.

During his keynote speech titled “Japan’s Modernization and Lessons for Sri Lanka’s Economic Recovery and Governance,” the Ambassador shared insights into Japan’s historical challenges, its adaptation to modern changes, and its journey towards rapid development.

The Ambassador reflected on the difficult circumstances Japan encountered globally in the aftermath of World War II.

He highlighted the pivotal role played by the late former President J.R. Jayawardene, who represented Sri Lanka at the San Francisco Peace Conference.

Despite the international community’s widespread condemnation of Japan at that time, President Jayawardene’s statement paved the way for Japan’s eventual reintegration into the international community.

The Ambassador expressed gratitude for this significant contribution, which facilitated Japan’s return to the global stage.

He also highlighted Japan’s strategic utilization of this opportunity for reconstruction and economic advancement within its borders.

Moreover, he underscored the enduring close relationship between Japan and Sri Lanka, emphasizing the on-going efforts of leaders from both nations to strengthen and enhance bilateral ties.

Additionally, he pointed out that Sri Lanka, currently engaged in economic reforms under an International Monetary Fund program, could draw inspiration from Japan’s experience in overcoming challenges to foster positive transformation within the country. This aligns with Japan’s example of leveraging adversity to drive progress and development.

Commending the proactive measures undertaken by the Sri Lankan government in its on-going anti-corruption initiatives, Ambassador Mizukoshi Hideaki expressed Japan’s commitment to steadfastly supporting these efforts, acknowledging the importance of combating corruption for fostering a conducive environment for economic growth and investment.


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