Dr. Dulan Hettiarachchi, Chairman of Ceynor Foundation, has resigned from his position after informing the President in a letter that he is unable to continue his duties due to the death threats of State Minister Piyal Nishantha.

Dr. Dulan Hettiarachchi has written to the President in this regard stating that the Minister of State for Fisheries has been threatening him and asking for bribes and in some cases, when they are not given, he has given death threats in various ways.

It is mentioned in the written complaint sent by Hettiarachchi to the People’s Justice that he took over the position of Chairman of the Ceynor Foundation Limited under the State Ministry of Fisheries and Nishantha appointed twenty new employees to the institution while it was in a state of continuous losses.

Hettiarachchi has mentioned in the letter to the President that the Minister of State is asking for goods worth ten thousand rupees to be distributed to the voters of his constituency and in some cases he is threatening to ask for money to buy the goods.

He has also mentioned that he is being pressured to pay the wages of the new employees from the ministry.

Hettiarachchi’s letter to the President states that due to these threats from the Minister of State, he has suffered severe emotional distress and has found it difficult to carry out his duties.

He informed the President that after taking over the position of chairman, he paid the bank overdraft of five crores of rupees and made the company profitable and after completing the proceedings of the Ceynor restaurant, he got an amount of 80 lakh rupees for the company.

He has told the President that during his tenure, he has done great things such as converting Ceynor, which was focused only on fiber production, into civil construction, getting Australian investments into the Institute and getting 29 crores of rupees for the development of the institute after negotiating with Indian government agencies.

Responding, Piyal Nishantha said that he denies all the allegations leveled against him.

He said that he will fulfil the responsibility of any ministry given to him, mentioned that he had no problem with the chairman of Ceynor.

He also said that he will not mention more information about Ceynor Foundation or the chairman as he has no intention of hurting anyone.



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