An Extraordinary Gazette, bearing the signature of the Ratnapura District Secretary, has been issued outlining regulations to be adhered to during the Sri Pada Pilgrim Season.

As per the Gazette, only designated locations are deemed suitable for accommodation and the establishment or maintenance of temporary accommodation in other areas was prohibited.

Construction of temporary or permanent structures requires written permission from the District Secretary or an authorised officer, the Gazette stated.

The Gazette emphasises that beggars should not ask for alms or receive alms.

Distributing alms to beggars within the Sri Pada compound area or ambalam/rest room premises has been strictly prohibited.


Bathing or washing clothes is restricted to designated safe areas identified and declared in the Gazette.

Improper disposal of polythene and plastic on the pilgrim route, within the Sri Pada Compound area, around restrooms, or in the environment is strictly prohibited.

The Gazette also expressly prohibits starting bonfires or setting fire that may cause a conflagration in the Sri Pada Site.

Specific regulations have been outlined for trade and dansals during the Sri Pada Pilgrim Season.

Pilgrims are not permitted to stay in the Sri Pada Compound after worship; they must depart once their religious observances are complete.



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