The CID has questioned the secretary of the Health Ministry in connection with the immunoglobulin supply scam.

A statement was recorded from him over the acceptance of the tender application by Isolez Biotech Pharma to supply the vaccine vials, said the police media spokesman.

Also questioned from him was about the approval given to the company to receive blood to produce immunoglobulin locally.

With its product not being registered with the National Medicines Regulatory Authority, the tender application should have been accompanied by a waiver of registration, which was not the case, said health sector trade unionist Ravi Kumudesh.


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As per the tender, the immunoglobulin should be a product of India, since it was being purchased under an Indian credit line.

Owner of Isolez Biotech Pharma, Sugath Janaka Fernando alias Aruna Deepthi is in remand custody for faking documents and supplying 22,500 vials of substandard immunoglobulin to state hospitals.


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