A British woman trapped in Sri Lanka after sharing videos of a civil uprising says she is 'out of hope' following 13 months hiding from the country's oppressive government, reported dailymail.co.uk.

Kayleigh Fraser, 35, had her home in the south Asian island nation raided in August last year by immigration officials who claimed that she was visiting the country on an invalid visa and seized her passport.

But St Andrews woman Fraser, who was visiting the country to study botanical medicine, said this was only brought to her attention after she began sharing videos of the 'Aragalaya' ('Struggle' in Sinhalese) protests on her Instagram.

Sri Lanka's supreme court upheld a deportation order issued by officials - but Fraser says she is afraid to surrender to them amid fears that she will be unlawfully detained under the country's notorious anti-terror laws, which allow individuals to be detained for causing 'religious, racial, or communal disharmony'.

Later today, North East Fife MP Wendy Chamberlain will meet with Foreign Office officials in the hope of eking out written reassurances from the Sri Lankan government that Ms Fraser will be guaranteed safe passage out of the country.

Until such guarantees are given, Ms Fraser says she cannot come out of hiding.

Speaking to MailOnline, Fraser said: 'I'm just existing, surviving out here, waiting for something to change. I have no options at all and I'm practically out of hope.

'Just ensuring I have somewhere to sleep and something to eat are the priority.

'Internet is a luxury that I'm incredibly thankful to have had decent access to this past month or so.

'I don't recognise this as life - it's existence. It feels like the entire world has abandoned me at the mercy of these madmen in power here.'

Sri Lankans rose up against their government in early 2022, amid spiralling inflation that saw food prices rise by more than 80 per cent. The country still contends with the aftermath of its 25-year civil war, which ended in 2009.


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