Contradictions have been claimed in remarks by the president and the defence ministry that comes under him with regard to the latest allegations on the Easter Sunday terror attacks of 2019 made by Britain’s Channel 4 television.

Speaking to the media in Colombo, secretary of the Ceylon Teachers’ Union Joseph Stalin questioned as to who was getting deceived by their opposing claims.

Soon after the C-4 revelations, the Defence Ministry claimed without any investigation that they were false.

However, the president, who is also the defence minister, said committees of inquiry would be appointed.

“Whom are they trying to deceive? What is this joke,” Stalin asked.

He also raised a statement made in parliament by Sarath Fonseka that military officers plotted to carryout bombings 13 years ago.

Nothing had been done with regard to his naming the officers, whom he said carried out bombings in 2010, said Stalin.

A government without a mandate is on an anti-democratic journey, he said, adding that there should be justice for the victims of the Easter Sunday attacks.



Defence ministry's response


In a statement last Sunday, the Defence Ministry rejected the C-4 claim that state intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Suresh Sallay was responsible for the terror attacks four years ago.

It condemned the allegation against a senior military officer who has remained committed for 36 years to serve the country.

Several years of local and international investigations have repeatedly pointed out that groups led by Zahran Hashim and linked to the IS were responsible, it said.

On the following day, the president issued a statement said a committee of inquiry headed by a retired Supreme Court judge would be appointed as a positive step to find the truth and ensure justice.

His media unit has announced a parliamentary select committee will be appointed to look into a claim by former attorney general Dappula de Livera that there was a mastermind behind the Easter Sunday attacks.

It described the C-4 documentary as an adding fuel to the fire.


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