R.S. Kasmira Jayaweera of Sri Lanka has won the ‘most peaceful prize’ for her eloquent presentation on peace-building

at the fourth Children’s World Peace Summit held in Tokyo on 01 August 2023. 

This event was organized by the Hiroshima-based World Peace Realization Project; Peace Piece Project, established for the promotion of peace learning, creating textbooks for peace education and raising children who create peace. 

This forum is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and the Hiroshima Prefectural Board of Education.

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At this year's Children's World Peace Summit, more than 200 ideas for creating peace were submitted from 20 countries, and 12 child representatives were selected from among them to give speeches at the International Conference Hall of the House of Representatives.

Kasmira, a student of Veyangoda Bandaranayake Central College, spoke on “listening to other people, learning and realizing the reality of the world and life”.

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She returned home last night (07) to a warm welcome by her school and members of the Katunayake firefighting unit, which employs her father.



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