Releasing the waters of Samanala Wewa to Udawalawa reservoir began around 3.00 this morning (08), reports Neth News.

The process of the waters reaching the reservoir will take up to eight hours.



Walawa farmers say they will continue their Satyagraha until their paddy land is properly irrigated, despite a cabinet decision to release the waters from Samanala Wewa.


National organizer of the Ceylon agrarian conference Namal Karunaratne has welcomed the decision.

He said farmers should be given compensation for their damaged crops as well.


State minister D.V. Chanaka said officials had been told immediately after the cabinet agreement at a meeting yesterday (07) to release the waters to reach drought-hit farmers.

Ministers also decided to find alternatives to meet the electricity demand, he said.

Discussed on the occasion were proposals received by power minister Kanchana Wijesekara at a meeting earlier in the day to manage hydropower generation.

Later, minister Harin Fernando told the media that electricity supply would continue without any disruption.


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