A vaccine used in the treatment of pneumonia and meningitis has been purchased at a price very much higher than the market price, a latest audit has revealed.

The cost of a vial has been estimated at Rs. 45.71, but 250,000 vials had been bought at Rs. 399.60 per vial.


The State Pharmaceuticals Corporation (SPC) has paid Rs. 88.4 million more than the actual worth, said the report.


When tenders were called for a first time, the lowest bid was Rs. 70.70 per vial and supply promised to be made in 45 days.

That was rejected, with the SPC saying the order should be met within 30 days.

At the second tender-calling that took up nearly two more months, the chosen supplier placed a price of Rs. 540 per vial.

The SPC agreed, on condition that 65,000 vials are given free, which meant the per-vial price for the consignment is Rs. 399.60.

The same supplier, at the first instance, had placed a price of Rs. 235 per vial.

The order, however, has not been made available within 30 days as promised either.


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