President Ranil Wickremesinghe has emphasized the importance of English language education and infrastructure development in the next five years.

He said he was committed to promoting English as a national language and ensuring that teachers and necessary resources are provided for its effective teaching.

The President noted that opportunities should also be given to learn languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and Arabic.

He was speaking at a ceremony at Temple Trees yesterday (16) to award teacher appointments to national education diploma holders.

The president emphasized the government’s commitment to establishing an education system that extends beyond the year 2050.

Human resources are vital for the country’s economic development, he said, adding that teachers have a responsibility in preparing the future workforce.

At the ceremony, 1,729 teacher appointments for national schools and 626 appointments for the Western
province were given.

Similar appointments were made for the other eight provinces, resulting in a total of 7,342 national education diploma holders receiving appointments on this day.


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