The working committee of the SJB has unanimously decided not to join a government that violates democracy and represses the people.

The party should not accept government positions either, the WC decided at a meeting yesterday (08) afternoon.

It also decided that proposing to hold or holding talks with the repressive regime would be a grave wrong to the people and should be prohibited completely.

However, the party would discuss and decide supporting any progressive decisions by the government for the country’s benefit.


SJB to field presidential candidate


Further, the WC decided to field a candidate at the next presidential election.

In order to ensure victory for that candidate, the SJB should lead the formation of an extensive alliance, for which Premadasa will be given full powers.

The decision comes in the wake of suggestions by some that in the event Premadasa does not contest, Prof. G.L. Peiris should be fielded as the common opposition candidate.


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