Heads of state corporations and departments have informed the Finance Ministry that their accounts with the People’s Bank would have to be transferred to other banks.

They have informed president Ranil Wickremesinghe, who is also the finance minister, that the institutions faced numerous issues as PB workers joined the work stoppage on March 15.

They could not carry out official transactions via the bank and had to resort to other means, leading to various inconveniences to customers.

Also, a number of private businesses have verbally informed the president they would, though unwillingly, close their accounts in the bank.

Strikes and other issues would have an impact on their businesses, they have expressed concern.

The president yesterday (16) instructed the finance ministry to pay special attention to their request.

However, the People's Bank in a statement today (17) rejected reports regarding the withdrawal of bank accounts of state institutions, adding that the bank has not received any direct or indirect requests or instructions from any state institution to close their accounts with the bank.


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