A concept paper on the formation of a ‘Jana Sabha’ system is nearing formulation by the National Movement for Social Justice led by former speaker Karu Jayasuriya.

A preliminary concept paper was submitted to the cabinet last October.

The proposed system ensures an active community citizen participation in the formulation of public policies, said secretary of the draft formulation panel Akalanka Hettiarachchi said.

The objective of ‘Jana Sabha’ is to make the people of the periphery contribute towards national policy formulation, he stressed.

It will act in the form of a board and a people’s jury to strengthen the sovereignty of the people exercised by Parliament.

‘Jana Sabha’ will provide opportunities to the public to propose innovations to overcome corruption, promote transparency and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the public sector, said Hettiarachchi, a lawyer.


A realization peaceful people’s uprising


A member of the draft formulation panel, Vimukthi Dushantha said this system will be a realization of one of the proposals made by the peaceful people’s uprising at Galle Face.


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