A Jaffna university student has been remembered on his birthday, seven years after he was shot dead by the police.

Vijayakumar Sulakshan (24) and fellow student Nadarasa Gajan (22) were killed in a police shooting at Kulapitti junction in Kokuvil on the night of October 20, 2016.

Following protests by their colleagues and the people, five policemen were arrested on suspicion and remanded by court.

But, no further action has been taken against them.

The head of the police commission said the police shooting was unauthorized.

The then IGP Pujith Jayasundara said disciplinary action would be taken against the suspects over an incident of accidental shooting and for failing to report the incident.

A bus stop built at Chunnakam to remember the two students was the place for Sulakshan’s 31st birthday event on March 08.

Relatives and friends cut a cake and distributed a midday meal among students of schools in the vicinity.


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