After failing in all its attempts to put off the local government polls for the 21st time, the government is now plotting to block funding for the election, charged MP Patali Champika Ranawaka.

Addressing a rally in Panadura, he blamed elected politicians as well as the so-called patriotic insurgents for the country’s curse of 75 years.

Unable to postpone the LG polls through parliament or the judiciary, the cabinet has now decided to halt funding to the Election Commission, said Ranawaka.

There are rumours that the commission was not getting the money to hold the election.

Having no money is no excuse at all, given just one-day’s income of the state is required for the LG polls, as well as the government’s extravagant spending on recent functions, he noted.

Collections from the PAYE tax imposed amid strong objections by professionals are sufficient to hold 10 such elections, said the MP.

Ranawaka asked the finance secretary to learn from court rulings onthe Easter Sunday attacks and fulfill his constitutionally-bound obligations.

According to him, the SLPP will hardly get 10 per cent of the votes at the election, and it would be the responsibility of all to end the politics of the Rajapaksas on March 09.

A new and experienced group is needed to create a new political culture, he added.

Also speaking here, MP Kumar Welgama said echoed the same sentiments, and also demanded political leaders to halt corruption at least now.


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