Senior delegates from three leading British independent schools were in Sri Lanka recently for talks on the development of an international school at the Colombo Port City.

They held discussions with the Colombo Port City Economic Commission and senior management of the Colombo Port City.

These schools are backed by a rich heritage going as far back as the 16th century and a diverse community of educators, students, alumni, and international partners, says

In addition, excellence in co-curricular activities and academic performance has been demonstrated through outstanding achievement of students and admissions to prestigious universities in the Russell Group.

The international school at Port City Colombo will be a demonstration of Sri Lanka’s commitment to internationalisation with potential for attracting the high net worth community in the South Asian region who educate children at boarding schools in the UK, Europe etc.

The school at Colombo Port City is expected to collaborate closely with the parent school to ensure the best education, facilities, faculty, and an international experience for students.

As a world-class city for South Asia, Colombo Port City will offer a host of urban amenities and social infrastructure such as international education and healthcare services – a service-oriented special economic zone that is being built on sustainable strategies.

Having added 2.69 square kilometres to Sri Lanka’s sovereign territory, Colombo Port City is Sri Lanka’s biggest FDI-funded development project.

With an estimated total investment of $ 15 billion on completion, $1.2 billion has already been invested into Colombo Port City by the project company.

A further $1.5 billion is expected to be invested during the vertical development phase, which is expected to commence as soon as regulations are finalised.

A $7 million duty-free shopping complex, the first of its kind in South Asia and expected to be a magnet for shopping and tourism, will also open its doors at Colombo Port City in April 2023.


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