Leader of the SJB-affiliate Tamil Progressive Alliance Mano Ganeshan says his party has no intention of being a partner to a national government.

After attending the inaugural meeting of the National Council today (29), Ganeshan told the media that what they contributed to was a meeting of the National Council and not a national government.

He said the discussion by leaders and representatives of ruling and opposition parties focused on making a brilliant future and on reforms.

Ganeshan said his TPA felt the need to make use of all available opportunities and platforms to raise a voice on behalf of the Tamils as his people missed opportunities in the past.

Especially, a joint request was made at today’s meeting to grant the chairmanships of both COPE and COPA to the opposition, he said.

Prime minister Dinesh Gunawardena took it positively and a decision is expected at the next discussion, said Ganeshan.



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