Many ask me a lot of times as to how much Ranil pays me - my economic returns - for writing and speaking on behalf of him. Most times, their intention is of an insulting nature – that it is a low-caste thing if I get paid by Ranil.

But, what many of them either forget, hide or are unaware of is that there is a bigger economy for opposing Ranil than siding with him. That is, there is big money for opposing Ranil.


Many YouTube channels I know established their reach and prospered because they opposed Ranil. Also, there are persons who form political parties and contest elections purely with the purpose of opposing Ranil. They had never gone to the people by doing any such thing before. Their only qualification is their hostility towards Ranil.


That too, is an economy. But, the creator of that economy is none other than Ranil himself. Unlike supporting Ranil, opposing him and building one’s economy is called being for-the-people. Persons like me do not belong to that category. Neither do the 6.9 million who voted for Pohottuwa. Those people are the ones who are with them. It’s like Rajapaksa’s people are the ones who support them.

It is not wrong. What is important is to build the economy by any means.

However, Ranil too, should understand this. We too, should be given the ability to compete with the economy that is built by being opposed to Ranil. My experience is that the economy being built by supporting Ranil (except for a few who get commissions) has become smaller than the economy being built by opposing Ranil. That should not happen.









(Chinthana Dharmadasa)
Political and social analyst
Director - facultyofsex


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*Translation of a note on Chinthana Dharmadasa's Facebook page.


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