Sri Lanka's sporting landscape is experiencing a historic shift, fueled by the explosive force of Karma Fight League (KFL) where the nation's most talented fighters will gather at The Taprobane in Colombo on the night of 30 March.

This groundbreaking league is redefining combat sports in the nation, establishing a world-class platform for Sri Lanka's most talented fighters to showcase their skills in the dynamic K1 format.

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A Revolution in Sports Entertainment


Ilham Hossen Founder Executiv KFL isn't just about delivering heart-pounding action but it's a catalyst for change within the Sri Lankan sports entertainment industry.

"KFL is transforming Sri Lanka's sports entertainment landscape and creating a platform where fighters' dreams can become reality," Ilham Hossen, Executive Producer and Founder of KFL observed.





Echoes of Angampora: Fighting Spirit in the Blood


Sri Lanka boasts a rich heritage in combat disciplines, tracing its roots back to the ancient art of 'Angampora.'

"Combat is in our DNA," explains Shyam Impett, KFL's Director of Promotion. "KFL provides a long-awaited platform for our gifted athletes to unleash their fighting spirit and make their mark on the world stage."


The Power of a Dream

Kaushika Withanage KFL FounderThe KFL journey is a testament to the power of unwavering determination. The league was born from a bold vision that initially seemed impossible.

"When Ilham told me about the idea, I thought it was not possible, but we only had a crazy dream & a plan with 4 slides & we somehow made the first show a possibility and we got a lot of traction," recalls KFL Founder Kaushika Withanage.

That initial spark has now ignited a movement that has captured the hearts and minds of fans nationwide.


Emphasizing Legacy


"Martial arts aren't just a sport for me, they’re the treasure my parents left me.. But I've learned it's not about brute force—the real fight happens in your head", said Dayan Samasekere, who is the President & Sole Representative - All Fight Systems Organization SriLanka (A.F.S.O), President & Sole Representative - World Ameture K - 1 Federation Sri Lanka, President & Sole Representative - World Muay Thai Federation Sri Lanka and former Vice President & Discipline Committee Secretary at Muaythai Federation of Sri Lanka.


Discipline is everything


"Some of the kids I train arrive unsure, maybe even a bit lost. Martial arts give them structure, a sense of belonging. It's incredible to watch them transform into disciplined, determined young athletes, ready to face any challenge,”  said Binusha Claude, Senior Manager - Fighter Management who mostly focus on future fighter development programs.


Beyond the Fights: A Holistic Approach


KFL's mission extends far beyond the ring. The league is dedicated to the development of fighters, providing year-round opportunities, training, and support. With a holistic approach, KFL's ultimate goal is to see Sri Lankan athletes compete and win internationally.


Get Ready to Rumble


KFL events are synonymous with electric atmospheres, heart-stopping knockouts, and displays of raw courage. Be a part of history in the making as KFL continues to push the boundaries of possibility in Sri Lankan combat sports.


Follow the Action


Stay connected with KFL on social media for the latest event announcements, fighter profiles, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into this extraordinary league. Karma Fight League is more than just a sport—it's a cultural phenomenon transforming Sri Lanka's sporting landscape and inspiring a generation of fighters.


About Karma Fight League


Karma Fight League (KFL) is Sri Lanka's premier K1 professional fighting league. Founded by a team passionate about combat sports, KFL is dedicated to elevating Sri Lankan fighters, establishing a legacy of thrilling K1 competition, and changing the face of sports entertainment in the nation.

Visit KFL Socials on the link below.

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