Samagi Jana Balawegaya MP S.M. Marikkar has voiced scepticism regarding the recent statement made by former President Maithripala Sirisena regarding the Easter Sunday terror attacks, suggesting it might be a mere political manoeuvre.

Speaking at a press conference in Colombo, Marikkar raised doubts about the timing of the statement, especially with parliamentary elections on the horizon.

On 22 March, Sirisena expressed his readiness to disclose the true masterminds behind the Easter Sunday terror attack of 2019 if directed by the Court.

The former President claimed to personally possess this information.

He appeared before the CID yesterday to provide a statement regarding his claim.

“Is this another political game or mere drama?” he pondered, pointing out the fractured state of Sirisena’s party.

“They cannot stay aligned with the Pohottuwa camp, nor can they join the NPP or SJB. Meanwhile, factions within his party are exploring various other alliances,” he remarked.

“We cannot permit anyone to toy with the lives of the victims. If individuals possess information, they are not required to wait for an invitation; they have recourse to the police and courts to provide any pertinent details,” he asserted.

Marikkar pointed out that despite previous investigations by a Presidential commission and court hearings, Sirisena did not disclose any information at the time.

He emphasised that despite political manoeuvres, leaders are duty-bound to ensure justice for the victims of the attack and disclose accurate information about it.

“We must not dismiss his statement lightly. It is not as trivial as having hoppers today and then accepting the presidential candidacy of a rival party the next day,” he emphasised.

Marikkar stressed that statements such as these, which were not disclosed previously before courts, police, or commissions, cannot be treated as jokes.

He called for a thorough investigation to be conducted and for relevant information to be uncovered.



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