The main suspect arrested in connection with the killing of a Buddhist monk at a temple in Malwathuhiripitiya was killed when police opened fire at the suspect while attempting to escape custody, police said.

They said the suspect was taken to recover weapons allegedly hidden in the Yatawaka area in Attanagalla.

The suspect was shot at by the police when he allegedly attempted to escape after attaking the police officers.

The deceased suspect is 27-year-old and a resident of Aralaganwila.

The suspect was arrested on Sunday by the Hambegamuwa Police and later was handed over to the Colombo Crimes Division.

It was revealed that the suspect was the shooter in the murder of a Buddhist monk, who was shot dead at a temple in Malwathuhiripitiya on January 23 this year.

A group of four assailants, who had arrived in a car, shot dead the 45-year-old Ven. Kalapaluwawe Dhammarathana Thero inside a temple at Malwathuhiripitiya in Gampaha.

Earlier, police arrested several suspects wanted over the shooting.



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