Noting that the “Aswesuma” and “Urumaya” programs play a significant role in sustaining the livelihoods of people in a country facing economic challenges, President Ranil Wickremesinghe emphasized the significance of government officials’ support in promptly delivering benefits to the people through these programmes.

At a meeting held on the implementation of the “Aswesuma” program at the Wilgamuwa Divisional Secretariat in Matale, the President assured that immediate relief would be provided to all those entitled to it.

The President had a cordial discussion with the Grama Niladhari officers from the Wilgamuwa Divisional Secretariat, where they discussed their professional challenges.

He also expressed appreciation for their support for the Aswesuma and Urumaya programs.



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Heeding the call of the President to assist in initiatives implemented by the government, the Wilgamuwa Grama Niladhari Association declared unconditional support for the government’s programs.

President Wickremesinghe also participated in a discussion with all the Divisional Secretaries of the Matale District where he examined the operations of the “Aswesuma” program and addressed the issues that have arisen in the district.

Following this, the President engaged in a discussion with the beneficiaries and provided positive responses to many of the problems they raised.


2nd phase of Aswesuma


Applications for the second phase of Aswesuma commenced on February 15, and as of yesterday (29), a total of 35,920 new applications have been received. Of these, 14,537 applications were submitted through the Divisional Secretary, while 21,383 applications were submitted via the online system.

Under the initial phase, nearly 2 million people are already benefiting from the program while the government plans to extend relief to 2.4 million individuals, including new applicants under the second phase.

National Security Advisor and Chief of Presidential Staff Sagala Ratnayaka, Chairman of the Welfare Benefit Board Jayantha Wijeratne, along with a group of government officials and Aswesuma beneficiaries, attended the event.


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