Uduwe Dhammaloka Thera says it is appropriate to made acting IGP Deshabandu Tennakoon permanent in his position as he has proved his capabilities.

He was speaking to the media on 24 February along with other Buddhist clergy.

Dhammaloka Therea said he was saddened by the accusations leveled against Tennakoon by Malcolm Cardinal Ranjith.

He said the Buddhist clergy would wager their lives if there are any forces against the acting police chief and minister Tiran Alles over their ‘Yukthiya’ offensive.



Deshabandu’s tenure ends on Wednesday


The president has decided to appoint Tennakoon as the IGP and his decision is to be made known at the cabinet meeting today (26).

The three-month service extension given to Tennakoon ends at midnight on 28 February.


Attorney general before CC


Meanwhile, the attorney general has been summoned before the Constitutional Council.

That is to determine if the AG could represent the CC when a party aggrieved by its rejection of a presidential nominee to a position seeks redress in court.

According to sources at the CC, assistance of lawyers is to be obtained personally in instances where the AG cannot appear for the CC.


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