The Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) has issued a pressing plea to the Ministry of Health, urging immediate implementation of regulations to curb the issuance of medicines without medical prescriptions by pharmacies.

Dr. Prabhath Sugathadasa, highlighted the alarming trend of individuals resorting to obtaining medications from private pharmacies, bypassing professional medical consultation amid the prevailing economic crisis.

He highlights the grave risks associated with this practice, particularly when pharmacists lack the requisite qualifications to dispense medications, potentially leading to complications, exacerbation of conditions, or even fatalities.

Dr. Sugathadasa raises concern over the dangerous habit of patients self-medicating with expired or outdated prescriptions, emphasizing the inherent risks of misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment.

This practice poses a significant threat to public health, particularly concerning the indiscriminate use of antibiotic drugs, which contributes to the emergence of drug resistance—a looming societal catastrophe.

Furthermore, Dr. Sugathadasa draws attention to the disturbing trend of illicit drug distribution targeting schoolchildren through private pharmacies.

Without swift intervention from the Ministry of Health to enforce regulations, he warns of the imminent risk of dire consequences for the nation.

In light of these grave concerns, the GMOA implores the Ministry of Health to take decisive action to uphold regulatory standards within the pharmaceutical sector, safeguarding public health and preventing potential societal crises.


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