The United Republic Front will present a hybrid solution for the country’s crisis, said its leader Patali Champika Ranawaka.

Important in that are politicians with experience and clean hands and professionals with a new vision, whose contributions could help solve issues, he said.

Contrary to popular opinion, all 225 MPs are not responsible for this crisis situation, said Ranawaka.

He also questioned the claim that politicians had destroyed the country for 75 years.

With growth in per capita income, life expectancy and literacy rates, it could not be said the past years had seen declines only, he said.

Riots and disturbances on several occasions have caused considerable harm to the economy, according to him.

Ranawaka said the URF has presented common minimum proposals for politics of humanity, to which anyone with clean hands is welcome to contribute.

If a leadership council appointed to implement those proposals names him as the candidate, Ranawaka said he was prepared to contest for the presidency.

He added that he would support, if someone else is named to be that candidate.


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